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ISBN: 9781926950976
Evernight Publishing
315 Pages
Erotic; Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Going Berserk

Jakob is a Berserker who always has to watch his back for the evil Swartska.

Kara agreed to go to the beach with her friend, Dia, and Dia’s husband. Even though it was a free trip, she is beginning to regret saying yes for many reasons.

Dying of boredom, Kara decides to walk the boardwalk and encounters a peculiar blue smoke and suddenly she finds she must follow it. Jakob notices the blue smoke and knows it means the Swartska are up to no good. When he spots Kara, he realizes she is his chosen mate and he must claim her. First he will have to save them both from the evil Swartska and then he must get her to understand what he is, and by association, what she is.

I found Alexandra O’Hurley’s tale of paranormal adventure to be intriguing and sexy. The interaction between Kara and Jakob was quite dynamic from the beginning. It kept me enthralled from the very beginning and I could not wait to see what happened next. I hope to read more enticing tales that pertain to berserkers and their chosen mates as I found this one to be quite delicious.

Bad Things

Keisha Scofield thought it was a very bad idea to go to a Halloween party that was hosted by her best friend, Finn’s, ex-boyfriend. But being the supportive friend she was, Keisha agrees to go.

Tobias spots Keisha from across the room and knows she is his.

When Keisha meets Tobias, she feels her luck with men might have actually changed for the better. That is until she realizes the True Blood Character themed party has many more vampires than in the show itself. Suddenly, her blood has run from being hot with passion to cold with fear. Can she trust Tobias to keep her safe from the vampires in the room when he is one himself?

Luxie Ryder wrote a novel that I found to be a good read. I liked the concept of the themed party as well as Finn’s emotional push-and-pull fight that involves his ex. I almost wish the story could have been about the two of them instead of Keisha and Tobias.

The Yearning

Ever since a hauntingly mysterious vampire came in contact with her, Sarah has been searching for him. She now has proof that they exist as she once again encounters another of his kind, but it is nothing like her first experience.

Anton tried to stay away from Sarah, knowing she was too young for him. But the yearning had a hold of him as much as it had a grip on her.

When Sarah meets another vampire, she finds out what it really means to meet up with a vampire. Knowing she is going to die is nothing compared to knowing she will never get the chance to see Anton one more time. Will Anton find out about the attack on Sarah before it is too late? Will Sarah allow him to save her the only way he can?

Ms. Shortt’s details throughout this novel were outstanding and brought out crucial events with the vividly colorful phrases. The uncontrollable desire that Sarah feels to find her mysterious Anton is felt by the reader as each page gives Sarah’s haunting recount from the first meeting and beyond. Just as brilliantly depicted is Anton’s frustration at being unable to get her out of his mind. What a wonderful tale this turned out to be and I enjoyed every single moment as I experienced Anton and Sarah’s story.

Trixie’s Treats

Trixie may be used to sex on the big screen, but her costars are always women. What she needs is some hot, hard male to hit each one of her hedonistic buttons.

Trent knows right away who she is as he watched her the night before on the porno channel in his hotel room. When he asks her for a dance and she turns him down, Trent figures that is the end of any conversation with her.

Getting the room number from the front desk for the doctor she is interested in exploring, Trixie enters his room in the dark. What she does not realize is that she has the wrong room. But in the dark, her body’s senses come alive as her and her lover explores erotic pleasure beyond anything she has felt before. A few weeks later, when she casts a spell for the man she thinks is the doctor and someone else shows up, Trixie has to figure out if it is true love, or if her spell has caught a man she did not set her sights on.

I did like this tale by Ms. Yeakle, especially the sex scenes. But it was not because there were sex scenes; it was because of the eroticism of the passionate encounter in the dark. As Trixie’s senses come alive in the story, so do the reader’s as the scenes are extremely intense and allows the reader to feel what Trixie experiences. I do feel that the end of the tale came up quickly and it gave me the sensation of being rushed. Overall, this is a good tale with some great moments sporadically placed throughout this story.

Ghost of a Chance

Roland has been trapped inside a painting, thanks to a witch who put a curse on him. One night a year he is able to leave the picture, but not the house it is in.

When Tess was young she was fascinated with the painting that was in her aunt’s house. As she got older, her innocent fascination turned into explicitly carnal fantasies involving her and the man in the portrait.

Seeing Tess in her aunt’s house on Halloween has Roland hoping he can finally explore the leashed passion that travels through his body whenever he sees her. When she finally meets the man who stars in each one of her hedonistic dreams, Tess knows it will be a life changing experience. The pleasurable encounters that follow are more than she could ever hope for. Can Tess help break Roland’s curse, or will he be back in the portrait when his 24 hour period of freedom is over?

What a unique tale Ms. Rosewood has spun. I loved the plot, the scenarios that Tess and Roland found themselves in, and the steamy scenes that left me breathless. On top of everything else that was going on within this story, you have the dangers that arise and the mystical properties. Great job!

Shadows of Desire

Roderick Williams may be an author who writes about scary things that go bump in the night, but he believes in it until something or someone starts playing tricks on him in a way that has him questioning his own sanity.

Philippa Adams is a paranormal investigator who is called to Roderick’s home by his agent. But when she gets there, she gets less than a stellar greeting.

After a first impression that will be stuck in her mind for the rest of her life, Philippa soon finds herself being warmly received with the offer of stir-fry and Oreos. Roderick observes that he is becoming increasingly intrigued with the luscious woman as he gets to know more about her. Once she has completed her job, Philippa hopes she and Roderick can continue exploring their passionate feelings for each other. But something is not willing to let her leave just yet.

Ms. Anthony tells a story that is straight out of a haunted tale. I found it kept me intrigued and on the edge of my seat. Once Philippa and Roderick started down the road toward sex it got a little less thrilling. The dialogue between the characters seemed forced and a little over the top. Other than that, I found myself interested in seeing where the story went from there.

Midnight Masquerade

Anya is on her way to a masquerade ball. She is hoping to meet the man who is her destiny.

Master Hunter finds the woman whose face is covered with a peacock mask to be quite intriguing.

Until midnight arrives, neither can know the other person’s name or the species they are. Anya and Master Hunter journey on a hedonistic adventure that leaves them craving more. But when midnight hits, will it bring about Anya’s destiny, and will Master Hunter be the one she has been waiting for?

Who has not fantasized about sex with a total stranger? Well, D.F. Krieger took it to the next level with the story that involves Anya and her mysterious Master Hunter. The exploration of their bodies, as well as their hearts, leads the reader on a wicked ride. This is a tantalizing tale that will tease every part of the reader’s palate.

Kissing Darkness

Willa is a hunter and her prey is the incubi. The first time she encountered one sexually it almost destroyed her.

Pax is unlike other incubi. He has never harmed anyone and never will.

When Willa steps foot inside a club, she knows she has found another incubus. What she does not expect is the sexual tension that rises between them to the point of exploding. Deciding that she will use him for sex and then kill him, Willa follows him to his place. But after being with Pax, she finds that not all incubi are the same and she does not know if she can take him out.

I loved this tale by Fionn Jameson and I will tell you why. It deals with prejudice. It may not be due to the color of someone’s skin or their nationality, but it does deal with a biased feeling that Willa has for a different species until her eyes are opened by Pax. The sex is extremely sensual, teasing and taunting you until you do not think you can handle anymore. I have found a story that has me wanting to explore more works by this author.

Crimson Sin

Paris walks between two realms. While in her own, she finds herself in danger from a being straight out of hell.

Zion knows he should not continue to be Paris’ lover. But while he is in her realm, he cannot withstand her passionate touch.

When Zion comes to her rescue, Paris knows it is not the end of their dangerous situation. The relationship that Zion and Paris have continuously puts them in peril. But this time it may be more than either of them can handle.

This is a tale that is extremely dark, gory in spots, and had some subject matter that may leave you uncomfortable. For this reason, parts of the story left me feeling uncomfortable and afraid to read more. However, London Saint James has a way of writing that will suck the reader into a story, even one that is not spectacular. With a unique storyline and vibrant characters, this is a tale that will have you wanting to read it with the lights blazing bright.

Soul Reaver

Maurizio is a product of a war that waged between heaven and hell. Half demon and half angel and known as a Nikash, neither side consider him good enough to belong in their realm.

Amanda is a witch. When she meets Maurizio, she knows instantly that he is different than any other man she has ever met before.

Maurizio is a soul reaver. He is on Earth to collect souls and send them to hell. His duty goes to the wayside when he finds himself ensnared in Amanda and her beautiful soul. Then one mistake has him realizing he will be vanquished forever by the one who terrifies him the most. Can Amanda and Maurizio have a happily ever after, or are they doomed to be apart?

Kastil Eavenshade has an unbelievable talent for writing a story that is bold, sassy and filled to the brim with adventure. I found the pages to be irresistible and I could not put them down. This tale had me enraptured with the complexities of Amanda and Maurizio’s situation. I want more from this author!

Deal with the Devil

In the year 1818, Eryn made a deal with the devil when her new husband set out to murder her. Now she is stuck in the graveyard she was murdered in, except the one night a year when her ghostly form becomes solid and she can explore the world around her.

Quinn is a writer and has come to the cemetery for some inspiration. While there he spots Eryn and strikes up a conversation.

Somehow Eryn finds herself thinking of Quinn as a friend and then a lover, but an unconventional lover, since he has not touched her and she has not touched him. But she knows her yearly escape from her prison is just around the corner and she cannot wait to touch, taste and explore every inch of Quinn’s body. What will happen when Quinn finds out the truth about what exactly Eryn is?

Ms. Keraleigh has written an exquisitely haunting tale that will have your heart breaking and then racing as Eryn and Quinn journey through the story. The sexy scene in the cemetery was wickedly decadent and so erotic my whole body felt as if it were going up in flames from the delicious encounter. This tale is one-of-a-kind. I felt each emotion that Quinn and Eryn experienced and it gave me a sense of kinship to these characters that I do not always feel. This is a beautifully told story that I will likely revisit in the future.

Last Call for Love

Penn is an incubus who loves her best friend, Joe. But she knows better than to sleep with him, since it would put him in danger.

Joe is desperate to claim Penn as his own, but she always puts a brick wall between them. Until one night something happens to change all of that.

Desperate to find someone to scratch the desire that is ravaging her body, Penn tries to escape the bar before Joe can catch up. She is too slow, and with one touch, Penn finds herself enfolded in Joe’s arms, his heat, and his passion. She knows she will have to pay for it later, since the consequences of sleeping with her will have Joe forgetting who she is. But what Penn does not realize is that Joe has a few tricks up his sleeve that might just make a difference.

The heartfelt emotion that rages through Penn in this story was shown with vivid clarity. Ms. Shaw gives us a compelling tale that is fit for even the pickiest of readers. I love how the author has taken a well-used subject about two friends falling for each other and given it a paranormal twist. As if that were not enough to make this story different from other plots along the same line, the unexpected twist near the end gave me a very pleasant surprise.


Amelia is shocked when she hears a strange and yet hauntingly familiar voice. But when she looks around, no one is there.

Nathaniel has been searching for Anne for quite some time. When he sees Amelia, he knows he has finally found his beloved.

Nathaniel finally gets Amelia to listen to his tale. It is a fantastic story of love found, lost and nearly destroyed during a time when the mere mention of being a witch could get you killed. They have one more chance to get it right. Will they be able to finally unite their two souls, or will their love be lost forever?

Love lost and found is a plot that has been used time and again. Yet somehow Ms. Sontheimer Murphy has found a way to explore it and make it seem fresh. I liked how Amelia kept having flashbacks of her time with Nathaniel from the past. The fact that they only had one chance just adds to the overall danger that was already overlaid in the storyline. This is a complex tale that I enjoyed reading.

This book encompasses thirteen authors who will intrigue, bind, captivate and bewitch you. With so many different tones and stories in this novel, you will not grow bored while reading it. Instead, you will quickly become hooked and find yourself unwilling and unable to put the book down until the last page is read. While some of the stories were better than others, they all meshed very well in the overall theme of the book. From a witch who defies time to a demon with a softer side, Midnight Seduction has something for everyone.

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