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ISBN# 978-1-60592-162-4
September 13, 2010
Noble Romance Publishing
295 Pages
Rating 4 cups

Star knows she does not fit in. Being a half-blood vampire, she has fought for respect due to her abilities, but inside, she knows she will always be less than most of her family. When she feels an attraction to the wolf that tried to take her head at their first meeting and who oozes attraction, she knows not only will nothing come of it, but she is a fool for the feelings he awakens.

Ranger is a proud werewolf, one of the Lykae family, who has found his mate, his soul, his woman. His very body twitches to claim her. However, due to his issues over vampire and werewolf relations, he has put off claiming her for months… only serving to drive his instincts to take her into overdrive while her hatred and distrust of him has been given time to grow and fester.

Together they will go up against an evil that threatens not only both their kinds but all of the paranormal community. Alone, he must prove that he is worthy of her love and is the one lucky to have a mate as strong and brave as she.

When these two characters battle, it is more than words they throw at each other. Two powerful creatures, they fight both in the ring and verbally, raising the tension in this page turner to a heady crescendo. When darkness threatens them, they must unite which is a fiery battle to the last moment against their own natures as well as outside forces. An erotic story that is enjoyable from the moment these two characters begin to clash.

*Warning: Graphic erotic scenes

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