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ISBN: 9780061684302
April 26, 2011
Avon Books, an imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers
331 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Nicholas Challoner, the Marquess of Ranelaw, knows that revenge is a dish best served cold but he is having trouble remembering to practice this saying as his conquest runs a bit hotter than scorching. While his plans for revenge are for Godfrey Demarest, they indirectly affect Cassie Demarest and while he searches for her, it is her companion who sets his passions aflame.

Antonia Smith knows what it is like to taste passion, betrayal, and possible ruination. When Nicholas comes sniffing around her charge, she gets her battle plans ready. But she never expected his attention to go from trying to thwart her to trying to seduce her.

He is one of the most notorious rakes in London and it is stated that to be seen in close proximity to him is to be ruined, so why is it that Antonia cannot seem to stop the aching need she has to be close to Nicholas? She will do anything to protect Cassie from the bitter taste of betrayal as she herself felt ten years ago. If that means continuously blocking Nicholas’ attempts to get closer to Cassie then Antonia will do what she must to stop his pursuit. Antonia and Nicholas did not expect the passion and love to explode between them but when his plans for revenge are found out, will Antonia find it in her heart to forgive a rake whose intentions were definitely less than honorable?

A rake is the epitome of what a bad boy is and I think most of us have an ache to possess a character such as Nicholas at least once in our lives. From the first moment they met, the anticipation and promise of passion fairly crackled from the pages as I watched Nicholas and Antonia’s dance of seduction. One of the reasons I love Midnight’s Wild Passion so much is that Ms. Campbell gives us this rake whose main agenda is to seek vengeance for his sister. But as the story progresses we see Nicholas begin to question who he is and whether his only solace is the cold dish of revenge he has planned for Cassie’s father. Add in the steamy sex scenes, a heroine whose backbone is pure steel and a stupendous tale of lust and love and you too cannot help but fall in love with this tantalizing novel.

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