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A Bride for Eight Brothers series
Book 1: Mikayla's Men
Book 2: Sweet Captivation
Book 3: Wild Fascination
Book 4: Keen Inclination
Book 5: Hot Inspiration
Book 6: Mikayla's Family

A Bride for Eight Brothers, Book 1
ISBN: 1-61034-144-9
February 2011
Siren Publishing
107 Pages
Erotic, Menage-a-trois/quatre, science fiction, bondage
Rating: 5 Cups

Mikayla fell for the wrong man, and getting left behind on a planet where her only choice is starve or prostitute herself, is proof of that. She makes the only choice she can and finds the most reputable pimp.

Matt could not let the sweet, innocent looking Mikayla be raped by the customer that had hold of her. Buying out her contract is the only thing to do. Now the beautiful woman is snowed in with Matt and his six brothers for the winter.

Refusing to use her as the prostitute they paid for, Matt, Lachlan, Brock, John, Ty, Ryan and Peter manage to find enough work to keep her busy. What they had not counted on was Mikayla actually wanting to fulfill the terms of her contract. But can they live the fantasy without losing their hearts?

How in the world can a relationship between so many people work? These men are incredibly unique and very exceptional; they were a pleasure to read about. Mikayla’s character was just the right mixture of strength, spunk and trust. There was just the right amount of tenderness, heat and creativity. This book was a pleasure to read, and I am looking forward to the rest of the series. Especially because it left you with one unanswered question. Who is number eight?

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