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ISBN#: 978-0-352-34518-9
September 3, 2009
Black Lace
248 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Office Sex

She may be new to the office, but it takes no time at all for Hannah to fall madly in lust with her boss.

Mr. Morrell has had his eye on the new temp, and the little temptress has finally pushed him past his limit.

Hannah is certain she is about to be canned when Mr. Morrell catches what she has scrolling across her screen saver. However, when he orders her to the supply closet, she realizes his disciplinary action is going to be much more hands on.

The hunky boss and the hot little secretary may be a bit cliché, but that does not detract from the sizzling sting of this story.

Icing on the Cake

Baking is a part-time hobby for Suzie, and although Helen is not really much of a friend, she agrees to do Helen’s wedding cake.

The bridegroom Pete is feeling the pre-wedding jitters, and even more so when he drops by Suzie’s kitchen.

Covered in icing and sugar is not how Suzie would like to greet Pete, but here he is. She takes the proffered cake topper with a grimace, but what happens next leaves her grinning from ear to ear.

Take a man, dip him in icing, add a few licks and swirls, and get ready to devour. Sound like a recipe worth trying!

The Renaissance of Lisa Galley

Lisa does not ever go looking for married men, in fact she has never pursued any man.

Rich, John, and Adam know nothing about each other but have two things in common, a wife and Lisa.

Getting a passive-aggressive note from an enraged wife is not how Lisa wants to end her workday, but here it is. The thrill of having a married man is all in the mystery, but when a wife gets too close to knowing the truth, Lisa realizes it may be time to change her habits. She just has one last fantasy she would like to enact.

While I think Lisa may have a skewed perception about sleeping with married men, I have no doubt that this story will definitely raise your blood pressure for many reasons.

Torment So Refined

When she comes across her husband’s past proclivities on the computer, she realizes just how mundane their marriage has become.

Bill and his wife are becoming strangers in their own home, so when she shows up at his office, he is more than a little surprised.

It is time to shake things up, and the sites she has found Bill looking at give her the boost she needs to do it. A little birthday surprise at the office should start things out nicely, but the real adventure will begin when he gets home.

There is nothing like putting a little sizzle back in the bedroom, especially when it is with the man you love and cherish.

The Student

The constant looks have turned into obvious stares, and Leyda is becoming more uncomfortable every day.

Leonard sits in class each day studying Leyda for just the sign to prove she is exactly what he wants and needs.

Leyda finally confronts Leonard, but when he turns around and propositions her, she is taken aback. He lays it all out like a business deal, and Leyda finds herself more than a little intrigued.

Leonard is skating the line into creepy, but there is no doubt that what transpires is just what he deserves.

Our Scam

Between Peter, her sister Sarah, and herself they have found the perfect way to make a little money while vacationing in Europe.

Peter picks the mark in each bar they go in to, and then the games begin.

This is so easy it takes no time at all to set the stage for their next show. Peter lures them in, and when everything is set they give them something they will never forget, and this time neither will Peter and his girlfriend.

If you ever have the urge to explore your inner exhibitionist, this will be a turn-on like no other.

Concerning Etiquette

Her aunt is always trying to set her up with men so prim and proper that it makes Eliza want to scream.

As the dinner goes on and on, Henry determines just exactly what it is Eliza needs.

The little incident in the coatroom only served to whet Eliza’s appetite, but she is not sure if she is ready to meet Henry on his own ground. Henry is certain he is the disciplinarian that Eliza never knew she always wanted.

Being bad never looks so good as when you have a man like Henry ready to correct your every mistake.

The Distraction

Jane would normally never look twice at a man so young, but when the IT guy is planted right next to her desk, she has little choice.

Setting up a new computer system is certainly much more interesting when you have a woman like Jane within touching distance.

Jane cannot take much more of the sexual tension coiling in her body, and decides to move into a private meeting room for the time being. Trying to get a handle on her libido flies right out the window when the man she is trying to avoid locks himself in with her.

A hot steamy day, and a hot steamy romance, what more could a girl ask for on a boring workday?

Alley Cats

Vintage clothes and a vintage full-figure make Claire stand out among most other women.

He passes by the restaurant window and catches a glimpse of the lady sitting there watching the world go by, and Syed feels the pull of attraction.

Claire notices the fedora right away, because in this day and age you never see that type of classy vintage look on a man. She steps out to make Syed's acquaintance, and the dance begins.

All of the trappings of a classic look intermixed with the down and dirty make for a perfectly decadent combination.

Phone Sex

There has been this nagging feeling of something missing in Lexi’s marriage, and she is determined to get it back.

It has been a long day for Jim, but when Lexi arrives home he forgets everything else.

She is wanting her husband like it has been years since they have been together, but when the phone rings it threatens to derail all of her plans. Jim, however, has no intention of stopping, and the results are devastatingly arousing.

Have you ever? Oh yes, you know it, and you loved it!

Girl’s Talk

Like all girlfriends it is common to talk about your guy and your love life, but Chrissie is having decidedly un-girlfriend feelings for her friend.

The writer of the erotic, Jenny, takes it upon herself to plan a surprise for their mutual friend Martha.

They discuss using Chrissie’s boyfriend for the Martha experiment, but when he comes down with a nasty cold, Jenny finds them a replacement. Since Chrissie has no desire to cheat on her boyfriend with another man, she is thrilled to finally get to experiment somewhere else.

A little naughty and a whole ton of fun is the basis behind this sexy little story.

To Protect and Serve

She is so totally lost that fear is starting to morph in Karina’s mind.

There is the car, right up ahead, and Officer Steele cannot wait to make the stop.

Alone at night and on a very deserted country road is finally getting to Karina, but when she sees a patrol car right behind her, fear and anticipation skitters along every nerve. Officer Steele is every bit as hard and unflinching as his name implies, and he makes Karina tremble with his demands.

A big burly cop and a warm sultry night are sure to stir up the most daring fantasies.


There has always been a little tingle of awareness that Linnie feels when she is around Quinn, but it is not something she ever thought to test.

The stories about his sex life make Quinn Kauffman laugh, and he is certain that Linnie has the same misconceptions.

Is he or is he not gay? Linnie has always been fairly certain that Quinn preferred men, but when he starts making some very suggestive comments, doubts begin to arise. Quinn on the other hand enjoys all that life has to offer, and when that offer comes from Linnie, he gets more than he could have hoped for.

The bi, gay, or straight question becomes inconsequential when all parties are ready and willing, and the results are way too much fun.

This collection of stories is delightfully sinful, and wonderfully sensual. The arousal factor is off the charts, and if you have any question of just how hot they are, dig right in. Who could ask for more with a collection of authors like these? Each story is beautifully written, and every one of the characters will have you begging for more.

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