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Shifting Crossroads Series

Book 1: Owl’s Fair
Book 2: Lion Time
Book 3: Deer Heart
Book 4: Dragon Around
Book 5: Poisoned Pen
Book 6: Bearing It
Book 7: Born Cheetah
Book 8: Ocelot of Trouble
Book 9: Little Prick
Book 10: Getting Wet
Book 11: Christmas Goose
Book 12: Lost Roar
Book 13: Vixen’s Run
Book 14: Snake Charmer
Book 15: Black and White
Book 16: Spike's Day Out
Book 17: Misenchanted Shifter
Book 18: Big Flight

Shifting Crossroads, Book 17
ISBN# 9781771119573
June 2014
eXtasy Books
84 Pages
Erotic, Romance, Fantasy, Paranormal, Shapeshifter
Rating: 3 Cups

Eileen struggles with out of control shifts into hundreds of animals; she is both predator and prey on any given shift. The discovery of what she really is, and her oncoming heat, force her to the crossroads.

Harris is intrigued by the beautiful but strong woman with the appetite of a man. He is drawn to her immediately and knows she is the one, but he is willing to wait for her to catch up.

Eileen must reveal all of her secrets to truly believe Harris is willing to be hers. Harris has handled all the shocking details of Eileen and believes the only thing left is marriage. Will Eileen take a chance on happily ever after, or let Harris go?

Misenchanted Shifters is a straightforward entertaining read. The story is sweet and straight forward. There is little conflict or intrigue in the Faery Tale. Harris and Eileen are a small interlude in life but rather shallow in story content. It may improve if read in context with the other books in the story.

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