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Blood Sisters Series

Book 1: Misty
Book 2: Minty
Book 3: Misery

Blood Sisters, Book 3
ISBN# 9781771115049
15 March 2013
eXtasy Books
122 Pages
Erotic Romance Paranormal Vampires
Rating: 4 Cups

The sixth sense telling you someone is watching has been bugging Mis Chamberlain long enough she is beginning to get paranoid. Her unease coalesces into full-blown fear when she finally sets eyes on her stalker.

The brutal training beginning when Decimus is a young boy effectively wipes away all emotions. He is a warrior through and through, with an unwavering loyalty to his Lord as well as his mission.

Deck is not a man to go unnoticed unless such is his intention, which is how he has been tracking Mis for weeks. She does not understand the danger she is in, so it is his job to protect her until the time is right to bring her in. Once the initial shock of actually confronting Deck wears off, Mis is barely able to comprehend what he is telling her. Her entire existence has been a mystery. Now it seems the bizarreness of her life is only just beginning.

A man with no emotion, a woman with no past–they make for a most captivating storyline. You can almost feel Deck coming alive as he draws in the flood of feelings Mis is sending his way. She and Deck have barely scratched the surface of their relationship however, as Deck still has a long way to go with his communication skills. The real mystery of who is after the serum is also as yet unsolved, so I am hoping we get to see more of Mis and her sisters.

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