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Neon Dreams Novels
Book 1: Leaving Amarillo
Book 2: Loving Dallas
Book 3: Missing Dixie

A Neon Dreams Novel, Book 3
ISBN: 9780062366863
27 October 2015
William Morrow
Trade Paperback
$13.99 US / $17.50 CAN
285 Pages
Fiction / New Adult
Rating: 4 Cups

If life has taught Gavin Garrison one thing it is what can go wrong, will go wrong. In the past year his bad choices cost him more than a little jail time and community service. They almost killed his best friend, and probably did kill any chance he has with the girl he loves.

Being lied to or shielded from the truth is putting Dixie Lark in a seriously bad mood. Music is the only thing that helps, even if it only sooths the pain momentarily.

Drums are Gavin’s escape. From his crack-addicted mother to his stupid mistakes with Dixie, Gavin can usually pound out the noise in his life with drums, but not this time. Dixie deserves to know the truth of what he has done, even if it means the end of any chance he may have with her. Although she may be a glutton for punishment, Dixie cannot help loving Gavin, or the little boy who shows up on her doorstep for music lessons. Both will likely break her heart, one agonizing crack at a time.

The crazy thing about love is that there is really no choice in the matter. When you love someone as much as Gavin and Dixie love each other it is hard to give that up, even when the bad outweighs the good. In Gavin’s case, the bad gets really bad. Yet he is unbelievably lucky, because Dixie does not back down when it is something she really wants. As much as Gavin gets in the way of his own happiness, it is awesome to see how much Dixie is the truth and the light in his life.

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