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ISBN# 9781615728442
February 1, 2013
Eternal Press
116 pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Kerry is a rare white wolf, who are said to be cursed and are not allowed to mate. She is curious to see what happened at a mating dance, not expecting to interrupt and get a mate of her own. She knew that someone would not be happy about the mating, but she did not expect to have attempts on her life. Her parents, against wolf traditions, had mated for love so she also wanted the same thing.

Caleb, a black wolf from a prominent family, has his mating arranged - which tradition outlines. Instead of going for the mate chosen for him, he follows his nose to Kerry because she just smelled better. He thinks she will just follow along with what is to happen and he did not take her unconventional upbringing into account. Going along with her ideas may be against tradition, but he thinks she may be worth the trouble.

It looks like someone is trying to kill Kerry before the month time-limit for mating is up. One afternoon she disappears and her ex-boyfriend comes to Caleb with news about the legend of the white wolf, which might not be a curse after all. Will Caleb accept that he needs help to find Kerry, even if it is from an unexpected source, like Kerry’s strange friends and recent ex-boyfriend in time to find her?

My attention was snagged right from the first. The story starts out with a bang and a lot of excitement, and it just got better and more fascinating as it progressed. Despite traditions of the chemistry and draw of the mating bond, Kerry wanted things her way. I enjoyed seeing how Caleb had to work to keep up. The intense physical interactions between the two is an added bonus to the witty story which contained colorful and amusing characters.

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