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ISBN#: 9781784309824
16 February 2016
Totally Bound Publishing
141 Pages
Sweet Romance, Contemporary, Chick-lit, Comedy and Humor
Rating: 4 Cups

Molly Matthews is an expert in love right? After all she is a matchmaker. Does it really matter that she is single and her own love life is a disaster? Well her skills are about to be put to the test. Her newest client is international film star Rory Campbell. She is ready for the challenge no matter what her personal feelings are.

Rory Campbell is a playboy, always with a new woman on his arm and a place to party away. But times are changing and he needs a new image or his career will end up on the downside which is why he has landed in Molly's office looking for a wife.

Molly's attempts at finding the perfect wife are just not working and she seems to find her personal feelings for Rory are starting to get in the way. Rory finds himself drawn to Molly unexpectedly wondering just how he fell in love when it was never really what he was looking for, or was he?

Just when you think you have your own world figured out, someone comes along to change that world. That is what readers will find in Molly Matthews Meddles in Marriage. Add some humor and a good looking man and you have just the right mix for a great read. Rory and Molly make a great match despite looking like opposites.

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