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ISBN# 9781419994951
February 3, 2016
Ellora's Cave Publishing Inc
140 pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 2 Cups

Addy Montgomery was planning a vacation at a remote mountain lodge with her brother and his wife. A blizzard puts a kink in her plans and leaves her the only one stranded there. By chance she was nearly squashed by an avalanche, but was saved by an inexplicable monster. That monster turns out to be a handsome shifter, who instantly heats her blood and fills her with desire, but after a bit of hot loving, her rescue arrives and he disappears. Even though bereft of her new lover, she believes she is safe, but a conversation she over hears tells her that her mysterious lover might not be.

Kristoff Erkkila, a double-blood shifter, took to living in the mountains, seeking isolation and to avoid other shifters as double-bloods are thought of as an abomination. One day he glimpses a curvaceous blond enter the cabin that borders his territory and ends up watching her closely, his desire growing. At first he is just an observer until an imminent danger has him revealing himself to her in order to save her. He wants the little human greatly, but he fears the backlash she will have to deal with being linked to him and thinks that if he leaves her the danger won’t follow her.

In the shifter world double blood shifters are reviled and hated beyond reason and it has been that way for what seems like forever. Addy thinks that once she has been saved, that is the end of her problems, despite the fact that her new lover has left her. That is, until other shifters catch the scent of Kristoff on her and one of them, who really hates double-bloods, talks of going after him in her hearing. She plans to slip away from her rescuers to go warn Kristoff, but that just leads to her being kidnapped and a duel to the death where more than just their love may be at stake.

This book was okay. There was not really anything that made it stand out for me. At times Addy was just too sweet, Kristoff sounded a bit too formal, and things appeared or happened just as they were needed. Aspects of the story had a moderate “tell” vibe to them, while any issues were easily resolved. One of those issues was centered around the familiar idea of where one part of the couple leaves the other “for their own good” even though they love each other madly, which I do not care for. This book might be better suited to someone who really enjoys the romance part of a paranormal romance.

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