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Bitter Creek Mail Order Brides

Book 1: Texas Bride
Book 2: Wyoming Bride
Book 3: Montana Bride

Bitter Creek Mail Order Brides, Book 3
ISBN# 9780345527486
7 January 2014
432 Pages
Historical Western Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Hetty Wentworth has no illusions left about life or love. The man she intended to marry was killed because of her arrogance and she was left to die in an abandoned wagon. Hetty can only be grateful when a mail order bride and her children on their way to meet the groom come to her rescue. Then the prairie bridezilla falls victim to an accident and Hetty becomes the stand in.

Karl Norwood figures he is the luckiest man in Montana when his future bride steps off the wagon. Younger than he expected, and beautiful, Hetty is everything a plain looking man like Karl can want. Except his good sense is telling him his two new stepkids are not hers and she tells a lot of lies about her past. Still, Karl wants a family bad enough to try.

Hetty and Karl bravely navigate their way through the complications of a rushed marriage. They have two ornery children to raise and a logging camp to manage. In the end, Karl only wants Hetty's love. But how can Hetty ever love another man when it ended so badly the first time?

It is refreshing to find a hero with a mind sharp enough to see through the lady's lies from page one. Karl Norwood is an average Joe who comes off highly likeable and blessedly realistic in a marriage to a woman with a lot of growing up to do. Still, the characters show a lot of satisfying growth and Hetty finally becomes more than just a pretty face.

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