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Dark Court: Book 2
ISBN#: 978-1-60592-105-1
April 26, 2010
Noble Romance Publishing
148 Pages
Fantasy, M/M/M
Rating: 5 Cups

Doc Lewis is a medic and has been in love with his fellow marine, Rocky Rodriguez, for years. However, Rocky is straight and so Doc thinks he has no chance with him.

Rocky Rodriguez is straight just as Doc thinks, but he has had a few quick man on man encounters when he was younger. The idea that Doc might be in love with him intrigues him.

Monte is an elf and is Elgin’s cousin. He has been captured by the same people that captured Elgin. He does not know if he will ever escape.

When Zack, a fellow marine and friend tells Doc that Rocky has been in love with him for years, Doc can hardly believe it. He searches his own feelings and decides that if he wants to be with any man it is Doc. The two come together, and it is explosive, but then Rocky says something really stupid and this hurts Doc more than he can say. Angry and frustrated with the man he loves, he volunteers to go on a mission to find and rescue Monte, his commanding officer’s son. However, he underestimates the enemy and finds himself captured as well. Chosen by the enemy to be the one to impregnate Monte, he is shot full of an experimental aphrodisiac that could kill him if he does not have sex. Not wanting to violate the beautiful young man, he does his best to resist. Fortunately, Monte does not want him to resist and is able to see that he is a good man. They come together, bond, and Monte becomes pregnant with Doc’s child. Feelings develop quickly between the two and Doc knows he has to figure out how to get them out of their predicament. Just when Doc has committed himself totally to the beautiful Monte, and fallen in love with him, Rocky re-enters the picture, confusing not only Doc but Monte as well. Can these three form a relationship to last a lifetime? Will Doc and Monte be able to escape from their captors?

Wow! This was a totally action-packed suspenseful read! I loved it! Stormy Glenn never writes cookie-cutter characters or story lines. All of her characters are unique and different in their own ways, as are the storylines, which is one of the things I love about her books. The romance between these three men is positively explosive, but I really liked the fact that she gave Monte and Doc time to bond well before bringing Rocky into the picture. I think that is part of the reason this storyline works so well. The fantasy elements of the story are stellar and the world building well written. I love this series, and I am hoping Ms. Glenn plans on continuing it as it is very, very good! You do not want to miss either Dark Side of the Veil, or Monte’s Marines, both books are truly excellent.

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