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Takhini Wolves Series

Book 1: Black Gold
Book 2: Silver Mine
Book 3: Diamond Dust
Book 4: Moon Shine

Takhini Wolves, Book 4
ISBN# 978-1-61922-249-6
27th May 2014
Samhain Publishing
236 pages
Paranormal, Shapeshifters
Rating 5 Cups

Evan Stone has been looking for his mate for weeks. He knows she is close; he scented her. How many places can one wolf hide? But mate or no mate, being alpha means the pack has to come first, and between them and running the pack-owned Moon Shine Hotel, most of his time is taken. Who needs sleep when you have a mate to hunt?

Amy has been tracking Evan Stone for a long time, hating him for what he did to her family. Running the Canyon pack and planning the systematic destruction of Evan, followed by her takeover of the Takhini pack and the ultimate joining of the packs, has taken her time and energy.

Finding your mate is supposed to be a beautiful meeting of souls, but when the human heart of your mate hates you, things become a little more complicated. When she is the Alpha of the other pack in Whitehorse, and she judges your leadership skills as lacking, complicated takes on a whole new meaning.

I love the wolves, and watching a confident Alpha male being taught Alpha lessons by his small mate appeals to both the independent woman and die-hard romantic in me. Amy is the perfect compliment for Evan and his boisterous pack, while they bring an element of excitement to her quiet life. Moon Shine is the last of the Takhini Wolves series, and while it brings the wolves to a colorful ending, Ms. Arend has skilfully opened Whitehorse for the crossover into her new Takhini Shifters series. I can not wait to see what happens next.


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