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Mainstream Merchants

Book 1: Moonstone Beach
Book 2: Like that Endless Cambria Sky

Mainstreet Merchants Book 1
ISBN#: (10) 9781518628915 / (13) 9781518628917
October 21, 2015
Amazon Digital Services
214 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Kate, owner of an independent bookstore called Swept Away, enjoys her life in the picturesque, seaside tourist town of Cambria. After five years as a divorcee, she is ready to dip back into the dating waters. Her first date is with Zach, a handsome real estate agent who is still heartbroken over his own divorce. Needless to say, the date is a disaster.

The fact that there was a date in the first place shocks Jackson Graham, the fiery head chef of Cambria’s upscale restaurant Neptune. He has been in love with Kate since she first came to town, but circumstances never being ideal for a confession of his feelings, he has kept silent all these years.

Now, he has to make his move fast, because Kate is not going to stay single for much longer. One unexpected but torrid kiss puts things in motion. In the span of four dates, both Kate and Jackson discover that their feelings for one another are stronger than they have ever been for anyone else. But like any new relationship, theirs is troubled - by Kate’s relationship with her manipulative father, Jackson’s quick temper and his love'm-and-leave'm dating past, and a job offer that may separate them before they have even begun.

This was a fun story. I liked Jackson and Kate (putting aside the fact that I was not a fan of her pushover-type personality). I did find the pace a little off; however. I was really pulled in by the arrival of Kate’s selfish and manipulative father and his second wife, but when that conflict was resolved, the remaining resolution of Jackson’s cross-country job offer felt flat.. Nonetheless, Kate and Jackson had humorous and cheerable moments, and were supported by a great, lively cast of secondary characters - which I expect and hope will have books of their own coming soon. In all, Moonstone Beach is a light, easy and entertaining contemporary romance.

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