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ISBN#: 978-0-373-83763-2
March 22, 2011
351 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Compassion Can’t Wait

A charitable organization like ASRL (Andre Sobel River of Life foundation) is a Godsend for single parents with terminally ill children, and Julia Coldwell has called on them many times for her clients. Siblings however often get lost in the shuffle, and Julia knows firsthand how this can change a young life forever.

When he left to play minor league ball Kyle Hansen knew it was the only chance he would ever have of escaping his past. He has since become a star pitcher and team captain for the Miami Suns, but he will never forget leaving behind the one person who made him feel whole.

Michael Cortez is suffering right alongside his dying brother Mattie, and no one sees it but Julia. She needs to bring this young boy out of his funk before it destroys his life, and she knows the perfect man for the job, if he will ever speak to her again. Seeing Julia again for the first time in ten years has Kyle hanging his head in shame at his actions all those years ago, so if he can help her in any way he will. And just maybe he will get another chance to have her in his life, however she sees fit.

This story cuts right to your heart. Julia and Kyle take a young boy and open his world, and it will bring tears to your eyes to see him light up with life. They keep each other honest, and their relationship is a wonderful addition to a heartfelt story.

Someplace Like Home

Her job can be all consuming but Verna Scott cannot imagine any other life. She runs Someplace Like Home, a refuge for teens lost in the cracks of the foster care system. It is a personal quest to see these kids grow and prosper, no matter what it takes.

He wishes he could do more as a guidance councillor, and after a seminar featuring Dr. Scott, Ronald Morris knows what he needs to do. They need volunteers, and he needs a purpose, but he has no idea what he is about to encounter.

Verna has no life beyond Home, and sometimes the loneliness does get to her, but when she meets Ronald, a warm feeling begins to grow inside her that she never knew was missing. Ronald comes to Home to help children with more than just college applications, but when he meets a young girl by the name of April, something just clicks. Verna and Ronald’s budding relationship has barely begun when a revelation rocks the very foundation of their lives and their trust.

When a person holds so much of themselves apart it is hard to imagine them ever having a lasting relationship. Verna’s character is so giving of her time and compassion, but when it comes to the heart, she holds back. Ronald is the force that breaks through that barrier, and it is with a few tears and some deep introspection that Verna finally sees herself.

What the Heart Wants

As a wild child herself Ellie Cahn knows exactly what the young girls in her PIC (Powerful and In Charge) group are feeling. She was on the fast track to trouble when her grandma stepped in and took charge, and Ellie is thankful every day for the opportunity to change young lives.

When he left for the military Jack Buchanan never looked back. He needed to get his life and his head on straight, before he hurt the only person who ever held his heart in her hands.

Seeing Jack again after so many years brought Ellie’s heart right back to life, but they are both older and wiser, and she has much more important things to worry about now, namely Kia. Getting funding for PIC, and helping girls like Kia, consumes Ellie’s life outside of teaching math, but she cannot deny that Jack is now vying for the top spot in her thoughts. Jack wants to help Ellie in a way he could not when they where kids, but she deserves so much more than he is capable of giving.

Jack has that whole bad boy image down pat, but it is so much fun to see Ellie turn him into mush. They have a great dynamic, and their drive to help young girls feel empowered is inspiring. I am sure if these two had a story all on their own, it would give hot a whole new meaning.

The three organizations highlighted in these stories are awe-inspiring. You never know how easy your life is until you read something like this, and then it really hits home. Each of these stories is filled with compassion, love, and the driving desire to make a difference in a young person’s life. I cannot begin to give enough credit to these authors and the women they dedicated their stories to for their commitment and devotion in helping with such worthy and challenging causes. Thank you all!

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