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ISBN (S): 9781943572014/9781943572021
August 2015
Anika Press
234 pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Alexandra “Allie” is a muse fed up with ungrateful mortals; especially her current charge, Brett, whose thoughts end up being the last straw making her to break the rules and force her words through him, causing her to be trapped as a mortal. While she lacks in magic and resources, she is forced to depend on Brett to navigate the mortal realm and at the same time figure out what happened. Will she get back to what she knows, or when the time comes will she even want to?

Brett is a writer with a bad case of writer’s block who blames it all on a reluctant muse. Suddenly a beautiful naked woman appears in his office, and instead of reporting her to the police, he decides to take care of her. That includes seeing to her needs, a new wardrobe, and even a job at the local diner. The idea of her keeps intruding in on his writing, but he is newly inspired to write and he finds himself becoming attracted to her despite the mystery.

Along with learning about mortal things such as working, food, clothing, and even the sensation of touch, she learns of passion and desire. Her very presence seems to be an inspiration to the people about her and cause good and bad reactions among them. Brett and Allie grow closer together despite personal misgivings and learn how to be with each other. Will their charming relationship keep growing, or will it be cut off when, or even if, Allie goes back to her old life?

I really liked this story; the whole “fish out of water” trope is one of my favorite tropes and the author does a superb job with it. Each character was likeable, especially Allie and Brett. She was adorable with her naivety and innocence and he was super sexy with his kindness and understanding. They are an ideal couple and their relationship is delightful to watch as it unfolds. If looking for a short and sweet romance with a touch of paranormal I would highly suggest giving Mortal Musings a try.

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