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ISBN#: 978-1-61581-516-6
June 2010
Dreamspinner Press
68 Pages
M/M, Historical, Western
Rating: 4 Cups

Tim Dwyer is Boston born and bred. He is a newspaper reporter and artist. He has just been kicked out of his lover’s home.

Jon Savauge is a Chocktaw lawman who has hidden his desire for men very well. Content to live in the Wild West and hunt down bad guys, he is not so keen on having Tim along for the ride in order to tell his story.

When Tim’s lover and boss kicks him out of his home, and suspends his bank account, Tim is less than happy. Estranged from his parents, he only has one aunt and uncle to whom he can and does turn. When they suggest he tag along on a visit to his aunt’s relatives out west, he is initially less than enthused about the idea of visiting the Wild West. Still it is better than staying at home where he quickly learns he has little to no prospects, since his former lover and boss can influence any possible employers who might be willing to hire him. Left in the lurch by a man he thought he could trust, Tim decides to head out west with his family. The first time he sees Jon, his libido takes an instant interest in the lawman, and he is not the only one! Their meetings seem to be one mishap after another, and Tim almost gives up on his attraction for the big lawman, that is until he realizes the man is just as attracted him. Will Jon act on his attraction to the reporter or will he rebuff him?

This was a great story that I really enjoyed reading. There were places in this book where I just could not stop laughing, the fits and starts between these two characters can be very humorous. I liked Tim’s pure guts and willingness to try new things even when he was afraid. Jon’s acceptance of life such as it was, and then his eventual delight in finding Tim make this book well worth reading. While the actual sex does not happen until towards the end of the book, the build-up to their getting together is well worth the wait. This is one book you definitely want to put on your to be read list!

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