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ISBN 9781771012720
May 2, 2014
Breathless Press
98 Pages
New Adult, Contemporary, Sweet Romance
Rating: 1 Cup

Dean St. James is skating on thin ice with his parents, two of South Africa’s elite of the rich and famous. Determined to turn his life around after one tragic event, he has put himself on the straight-and-narrow. But all his hard work is threatened when one ill-considered, ill-researched blog post about his former wild child days leads to his parents kicking him out of his apartment. Enraged, Dean confronts this faceless blogger Lace Higgins, expecting to find an unattractive, bookish nerd. Instead, he is surprised to find a beyond-gorgeous, bookish nerd. He is even more surprised when she tries to make amends by giving him a place to stay.

Lace Higgins is an aspiring writer with a young adult novel ready to be self-published. In an attempt to increase her Web profile, she has taken to blogging. Unfortunately one post, written by her best friend purely to increase Lace’s readership, puts a certain Dean St. James in the number one spot on South Africa’s top ten “wild child” list. When an enraged Dean shows up at her door, Lace is rendered speechless by this super-angry, super-sexy twenty-year-old. Suddenly she cannot lose her virginity to him fast enough, especially when she invites him to move in with her.

This is the beginning of Dean and Lace’s tenuous, but heated relationship. What starts off as immediate attraction quickly explodes into intense desire, fueled by the intimate confines of Lace’s apartment. In the process of getting to know each other, Lace discovers that Dean carries with him a dark past which he can never forget.

I could not rate Moving In any higher than one cup. This book is founded on weak and implausible plot points. Themes like blogging, celebrity notoriety and even virginity are naively presented, and character development is lacking. Dean’s character is the only one with a discernible back-story, but it is not strong enough to evoke sympathy for the character. The book also ends very abruptly. I understand that it is the first in a series, but the stopping point may be confusing to other readers, as it was to me.

Note: This book has heavy profanity, erotic sections and vulgar sexual references. I feel this book should have been listed as Erotica, not Sweet Romance.

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