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ISBN# 9780553391152
October 7, 2014
272 Pages
Contemporary Christmas Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Harry is an angel who is thrilled to be on his first Earthly mission. His job is to teach a literature class at the local community college and give a student named Addie a nudge in the right direction. The job sounds easy, until Harry has to figure in all of the quirky things about his human body and the emotional roller coaster that goes with it.

Addie is home not just for the holidays, but for good. She is hoping to finish up her high school diploma and get her life back on track after years of bad decisions. Then her former childhood crush is badly injured in a car accident and Addie is the only one available to play nursemaid.

Erich never asked to be helpless over the holidays, and never wanted Addie’s help in his hour of need. She was annoying as a kid and they never got along. Still, with the warm holiday cheer and a few sprigs of mistletoe, things between Erich and Addie might just get a holiday miracle.

The relationship between Addie and Erich is an interesting one that might actually be better without the meddling angelic element. Throughout the book Addie describes horrible things Erich did to her as a child, but the reader never gets any answers as to why he did it. This is a great story, but it reads a little like the script of a made for TV movie without the depth and development readers have come to love in Ms. Macomber’s novels.

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