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Taboo Wishes Tale Series
Book 1 - Punished
Book 2 - Kidnap and Kink
Book 3 - Yuletide Greetings
Book 4 - Mr. Smith's Whip

A Taboo Wishes Tale, Book 4
ISBN: 978-1-60735-260-0
March 2011
Resplendence Publishing
98 Pages
Contemporary, BDSM, Taboo Wishes
Rating: 4 Cups

Every day at work is getting harder than the last for librarian Olivia McKinnion. Her fantasies have always been more on the deviant side, but to have them feature her author-in-residence is definitely unprofessional.

He has watched her every move and Colin Smith is almost certain that Olivia is exactly the woman he needs. Privacy is paramount for both of them, but to know for sure, he is going to have to chance it.

Embarrassment and arousal tingle every nerve ending in Olivia’s body when Colin commands her to obey his wishes. She should not enjoy this so much, or feel so free by letting a man issue her orders, but Colin is not just any man. His presence consumes her, and it is not long before she is feeling with much more than her body. Colin has waited a long time to find someone like Olivia, and it will be up to him to convince her that this is more than just a game.

Olivia and Colin are a matched set, and together they take the reader from interested to enflamed in no time. The BDSM is done with class and style, and fitting for Olivia’s novice experience. It is not at all hard to see the feelings that Colin has for Olivia by the way he treats every experience they share with reverence. I really enjoy the openness and honesty that is portrayed, and the care that is taken to insure a well thought out and accurate storyline.

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