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ISBN#: 9780983752806
August 15, 2011
Melange Publishing
300 Pages
Western Historical Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Daisy Gardner realizes her mother knows best for her, but Daisy has other plans. She wants to be a detective and solve crimes. First, she needs to live in a town and find a husband, preferably not short but very tall.

Colt Richard has a ranch but knows if he does not stop the miners from digging around the creek for gold, his land and animals are in jeopardy. When he finds himself as the new Marshal, he has no idea what lays ahead of him.

When Daisy hires the new Marshal, she is oblivious he is an imposter, even going by a different name. She is not even aware that her sister was the one that shot him. Colt knows it is a mistake to get anywhere near Daisy or her family. Yet Daisy is the kind of woman that is hard to forget. She has a way of distracting his thoughts. Daisy is not happy being a spinster at twenty-two. She loves reading dime-store novels and wants to be a Pinkerton agent. If Colt could see things her way, perhaps her dream will come true. Once the truth is found out about Colt, will she be able to trust anyone?

Much Ado About Marshals is a hoot. I loved the endearing characters and the way they connect well in the story. Everything fits together wonderfully allowing the audience to bond with the characters. I could really sense the sensations, as well as visualize all the events surrounding them. There were times I could almost taste the food that was being prepared. Jacquie Rogers creates a witty, delightful, and downright amusing book with impressive charming players. I love the chemistry of Daisy and Colt. With the collection of lively secondary players, this exquisite storyline is a remarkable read.

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