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A Ben Roan Mystery Thriller
ISBN# 9781934209561
July 1, 2012
World Audience
205 pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Ben Roan wakes up thrown, or dragged, from a bunker at the Nevada Atomic Test Site in the Mohave Desert. He is next to a gorgeous woman named Taja Singh. Once they discover they are all in one piece, they use a digger to protect themselves from the expected heat following the blast. Is it Ben or his disaster mate they are trying to kill, and who are “they”?

Maybe the victim was supposed to be the gorgeous scientist from India, Taja, and Ben just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Scientist Singh is a good match for the adventurous Ben Roan. Bright, beautiful, and wealthy, she is up for the adventure.

Finding the truth catapults Ben into the cutting edge of high tech science and the excitement of skydiving, while trying to match wits with the most glamorous and smartest woman in the world. Is she the killer or the victim? Is her world of international intrigue and advancing scientific innovations costing Ben his life, or only his heart?

The science in this story is logical and clear without being overwhelming. The story is fast paced, characters are well drawn and believable. Whether the reader solves the crime by instinct or reasoning, the results are satisfying and perfectly plotted.

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