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ISBN#: 9781612351247
January 2011
Melange Books, LLC
E-Book/Trade Paperback
109 Pages
Romance Contemporary-paranormal
Rating: 4 Cups

A Girl’s Best Friend

Vince Carson is a sportscaster that loves his best friend, a dog named Butch, which is why he has taken him in for his yearly physical. When his retiring doctor recommends another he is very glad she is very good looking, and Butch seems to like her as well.

Veterinarian Aubrey Whelan's life has been in a state of confusion caused by a cheating boyfriend and the fear that she will never find true love. Then in walks Vince, someone from her past that barely knew she existed and she cannot help but wish things will change.

Vince and Aubrey hit it off, find they have much in common, and discover they enjoy each other’s company. Aubrey has even told Vince about how they used to know each other. The only problem seems to be Aubrey’s cat, Pumpkin, who seems to not like Vince and Vince’s allergy to the cat does not help.

Loved this story, funny and quirky! Vince and Aubrey make a great couple and are both so ready for this stage of their life together.

Strange Critters

When Kara returns home from another space mission for NASA, she cannot wait to see her faithful companion Zany; a furry lovable creature she brought home a few years back after witnessing a terrific meteor shower.

Zaine comes from a far off place and happened to find himself attached to a meteor shower hurtling toward earth. He soon finds himself attached to a cat as a host body. But all works out for the good as they both need each other to heal. But now is the time to separate and tell Kara the truth.

What Kara finds is a story that will certainly make her look crazy no matter which way she puts a spin on it. She now has an alien that makes her feel things she is not sure about and a cat that held a secret for a long time.

Wow! This is way out there in a science-fiction sort of way. It has a totally enjoyable storyline that makes you chuckle as you read. Who would not want their own sexy alien?

The Cat in the (Wizard’s) Hat

Ashley is a wizard that loves to practice his magic. He transforms himself into a cat in order to have control over who lives in his house. When he encounters Merriwen he falls head over heels. But he is getting frustrated about letting her know his little secret.

When Merriwen looks to rent the house that Ashley owns, she finds the cat and falls for him and he soon becomes her closest companion. Little does she know the secret this little cat is carrying.

When he cannot take anymore losers showing up in her life, Ashley decides that he has the perfect opportunity to snag Merriwen’s heart. She throws a Halloween party in of all places, Australia, a place far away that does not really practice the American custom. He will show up as himself, a wizard.

This is another story worthy of a few chuckles. It has great characters and an oddly entertaining storyline that will delight the reader.

Must Love Cats is a great anthology that even the finickiest reader will enjoy. Each story stands alone offering the reader a cast of characters ranging from cats to aliens and even wizards. They each offer love stories that occur among the craziest circumstances. Even if you are not a cat lover, I am certain one of these three stories will tickle your fancy, so go grab a copy today.

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