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ISBN# 13: 978-1-61572-602-8
February 7, 2012
Damnation Books, LLC
166 Pages
Paranormal Regency Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Lady Elizabeth Prudence White, ‘Pru’, has the time of her life during a ball with her twin brother. When a handsome Duke comes to ask her for a dance, then bestows a warm kiss upon her lips, she is certain this is just the beginning of happiness.

Pierre Blanchard lost his good friend during the battle attack of the Napoleon War. While searching for his body, so he can give him a burial, he discovers Pru, who he desperately wants to offer help.

Pru cannot believe her brother is dead. She has nothing and no one. Yesterday she was enjoying herself at a ball, meeting a handsome Duke who allowed warm feelings to flow through her. The next morning she awakens to find there is death and trepidation everywhere. She wonders how a war can cause so much suffering. In the midst of confusion she finds a dog that becomes her companion, along with a mysterious person who appears in the dark to help console her. Pierre noticed Pru as she combed through the dead bodies. He can share in her emotions. As he draws closer to her, neither is aware of the looming danger or the changes to come.

My Angel, My Light As Darkness Falls is a moving tale that generates tears, and at times, chills and laughter. Pru is an endearing character magnificently penned. She strikes a chord in the reader’s heart, and stays permanently grounded. Amidst the heartache, trepidation, and extreme pain, Ms. Hays-Gibbs is able to instill a bit of humor throughout the journey, which to me, made the book life-like. At times, we all need some humor in our lives, especially when our future sometimes looks foreboding. Good writing, extraordinary pacing throughout, and a story that I found positively exhilarating, intense and riveting.

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