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5 Cups - Our Best Review

ISBN #: 9781772331721
January 2015
Evernight Publishing
33 Pages
Paranormal, Contemporary, Gay, Erotic, May/December, Romance on the Go
Rating: 5 Cups

Joseph “Joe” Danuley keeps the accounts for his boyfriend’s construction business. He and his boyfriend Tom have been together two years.

Tom Lomonte owns his own construction business and is Joe’s boyfriend.

When Tom and Joe return from a short vacation to their cabin in the Oregon woods, it becomes apparent the following morning that Joe forgot to buy coffee on his last shopping trip. Joe teases Tom about his coffee addiction and consoles him by telling him he can stop at a coffee shop and get a shot of espresso on his way to meet with a construction inspector. However, not long after Tom leaves for the inspection and Joe is ensconced in his office doing the payroll, strange things begin happening to Joe. First his door slams shut on its own, even though he has a doorstop. Then when he turns his back, his chair somehow finds its way onto the top of his desk when there is no one in the room. More strange things happen and then Joe gets a phone call no one wants to get. Has something deadly happened to Tom?

If you love stories about things that go bump in the night then you will definitely want to read My Ghostly Boyfriend! I inhaled this story, and could not put it down until I had read the very last word. Even if you do not believe in ghosts or the possibility of an afterlife, this story will make you think twice about what happens when we die or come very close to death. I will be buying the rest of Ms. Monvey’s entertaining books very soon!

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