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London Steampunk Series

Book 1: Kiss of Steel
Book 1.5: Tarnished Knight
Book 2: Heart of Iron
Book 3: My Lady Quicksilver

London Steampunk, Book 3
ISBN# 9781402270338
October 2013
434 Pages
Steampunk, Romance, Vampire, Historical
Rating: 5 Cups

Lynch is on a mission and will not be denied. He has been fooled once by the elusive Mercury. Now his future depends on nabbing the cagey criminal. From their first meeting, she gives him a very personal and humiliating reason to capture her, but he is unsure if it is for himself or to turn her in. The only woman who has enabled him to forget for even a moment is his new secretary.

Mercury recently receives a reason to change her priorities and nobody, not even the sexy Lynch will keep her from getting what she needs. The struggle to maintain both personas is a burden she is unsure she can continue. Facing his wrath when he discovers is more heartbreak than she can bear.

When the lines between good and bad become blurred, the two are made to take another look. Will the second look and the truth drive them together or rip them apart?

The details conveyed through the pages allow the reader to become immersed in the story. The immersion is so complete one can almost see the steam and hear the clanking of metal. The characters are so strong one can clearly see how survival is possible and makes the attraction a living breathing animal, which refuses to be chained. The mystery and struggles provide a vivid picture and intriguing story for the reader to enjoy. My Lady Quicksilver has a taste of paranormal, shifter, steampunk and romance all stewed in a recipe to be savored and not rushed through. Readers will find they are incapable of putting the book down or forgetting the impact the story and characters will make.

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