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Purrfect Mates Series

Book 1: Here Kitty, Kitty
Book 2: My Little Kitty
Book 3: Our Sexy Tiger
Book 4: My Angel Cheetah
Book 5: Kitty in the Middle
Book 6: Cheetah In Charge
Book 7: My Feisty Kitten

Purrfect Mates 2
ISBN: 1610342607
January 2011
Siren Publishing
114 Pages
GBLT; Erotic Romance; Ménage a Trois
Rating: 4 Cups

Trey Donovan is thrilled when he scents his mate at a party. His hormones take over and before he knows it, he is reveling in the sexual need he has for his mate.

Addison Cambell finds the instant attraction to Trey unbelievable. After intense days of sexual release, he finds he is not able to let go of his previous boyfriend.

Jasper Knight up and leaves his home in search for his mate. He finds him in a furniture store, of all places, lying on a mattress.

Trey wants nothing more than to claim Jasper right away but after his heart was broken by Addison, he is afraid to love again. Being a cat shifter, he knows he has two mates, and Addison and Jasper are it for him. Though Addison has broken his heart, when he comes calling while in mating-heat pain, Trey can do nothing but help him the only way he knows how to. Will Trey and Jasper be able to find love with each other and what will happen between them if Addison comes back into their lives?

Ms. Flynn uses unbelievably poignant and emotional boundaries to write this tale. I was initially put off by how quickly Trey and Addison jumped into bed with each other, but as the story progressed and I read about the obstacles they faced (many due to their quick tumble), I realized this part of the story was needed to set up the rest of the storyline. My Little Kitty has many different characters; all are vivid in their roles and allow the reader to imagine this sensual world full of shifters. Then you have the heat and spice that seems to pour from the pages and the added dangers that jump out at different times, making this one story I definitely appreciated for the moral that can be learned from it. Nicely done!

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