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ISBN#: (13) 978-1-60601-299-4/(10) 1-60601-299-1
May 2009
Siren Publishing
200 Pages
EROTIC Romance Vampires/Werewolves Alternative (M/M or F/F)
Rating: 5 Cups

Vadim Miroslav never wanted to be an Alpha. In fact, he has made it his job to do everything so he will never be one. However, even he cannot get around fate.

Sashenka “Sasha” is an Omega, and has been abused and made an outcast in his pack for his entire life. With very little memory of his parents, he has just learned to accept that this is to be his lot in life.

When Sasha runs into an office during a pack council meeting, he has no idea that his fate is about to change. All he can think of is getting away from his abusive alpha and the man’s goons. It only takes one sniff for him to know the man in the room is his mate. Fortunately for him, Vadim has no intention of letting anyone hurt his mate, and when they both hear a knock on the door, Vadim wastes no time in hiding the smaller man beneath the desk he is sitting at. While Vadim and Sasha know they are meant for each other, Sasha cannot trust in Vadim’s feelings for him. Though he wants to, he has just been used and abused for too much of his life. However, Vadim is about to teach Sasha the lengths he is willing to go in order to protect, love, and keep Sasha in his life. Will it be enough, or will other obstacles get in their way?

Wow! All I can say is My Lupine Lover lived up to every single expectation that I had for this story. I was hoping that Ms. Glenn would write Vadim and Sasha’s story since I had gotten a glimpse of them in Forbidden Desires, Tri-Omega Mates 2, and let me tell you, she does not disappoint! The love between Vadim and Sasha is so powerful, even from their very first meeting, that it is almost palpable, and Vadim’s tenderness and protectiveness towards Sasha is just beautiful to read. The lovemaking scenes are hot, erotic, and even funny in places; I loved the pants joke! I also really loved getting to learn more about Vourdala Island and the pack there. My Lupine Lover is quite simply Stormy Glenn at her very best. You do not want to miss this one, folks!

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