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Sons of Thanatus Series
Book 1: My Maven, My Everything
Book 2: Higher Rank

Sons of Thanatus Book 1
ISBN: 1610344081
March 2011
Siren Publishing, Inc.
114 Pages
GLBT; Erotic Romance; Paranormal
Rating: 4 Cups

All Madden Forrest wants to do is relax and find a hot man to take the edge off of his stressful day. He spots the perfect specimen in Josh McGreggor.

Josh is in New Orleans getting ready to start his new job when he spots the sexy man checking him out. Josh agrees to a night of passion that leads to some unexpected surprises.

After an intense and wild night with the stranger, Madden finds out that Josh is going to be with him longer, as he is the apprentice that Madden is training. As their relationship and passion intensifies, so does their case, which leads them into a dangerous situation. Will Madden and Josh be able to figure out how to keep their relationship separate from their work or is it too late?

I found the secret order that Madden and Josh belong to a fascinating and interesting facet. I like how Madden and Josh feel about each other even before they realized they were going to be working together. The sex, passion, danger, and overall storyline are red-hot and unique enough to keep me reading. I also like how Ms. Flynn included other characters which led me to believe I will hopefully see the other characters get their own tale in the future. My Maven, My Everything is a book that I enjoyed reading not only due to the spicy scenes but because of the many different elements that were intertwined throughout this novel.

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