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ISBN#: Unavailable
August 19, 2009
Hearts On Fire Books
188 Pages
Romantic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Tack Walsh does not believe in being any woman’s employer. He wants no women on his mountain and had no idea the person he offered a contract for was a female.

Dr. Kennedy Parker has met too many men who are haters of women. She finds Tack chauvinistic. She signed a five year contract and if he plans to renege she will sue.

Tack was under the assumption the new doctor he was hiring was a man. He wants her off his mountain. It does not matter that she is lovely to behold. She even brings her sister, who is a nurse and will be keeping house. He has to find some loophole in the contract, before the feelings he is experiencing for her become real. Kennedy refuses to be chased away. She has worked long and hard to get where she is, and no woman-hater, no matter how he sends tingling sensations through her, is going to win this fight. Will they eventually allow the ice to melt from their hearts, or will this be a never-ending feud?

My Mountain My Woman is an engaging story. I love the relationship that this couple develops and how their hearts slowly begin to unthaw in time. Kennedy is stubborn and stands by her values as she faces her problems head on with Tack. I love their tenacity. I adored the characters, but thought at times, they could have curtailed their language a bit. The story moves at a good pace and I found the plot well-developed. Mysty McPartland weaves a tale that kept this reader’s interest with every turn of the page. I think the twists and turns enhance the read as the reader is kept glued wondering about the outcome. I look forward to many more books by Ms. McPartland.

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