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ISBN# 9780373775576, 9781426888885
April, 2011
Harlequin Books
Print/E Book
384 pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Harper is a determined divorce attorney with a plan. She is going to marry her firefighter boyfriend and remodel him into a functional man so they can have gorgeous babies. It will not be anything like her first marriage, born from instant attraction and a love that was so strong it was like lightening each time his eyes met hers; instead, formed on years of an adult relationship. But when her fickle stepsister drags the family to Montana for a destination wedding to her ex-husband’s brother, it seems that plans are made to be broken.

Nick has known he loved Harper since the moment their eyes met as simply as he knew that she would be his wife. Now a successful architect and on a road trip home from Montana, he is trapped in a car with her and her yappy little dog. Will he be able to show her that love does not always go away? Or will the scars from her childhood block her from the love that he is so willing to give?

With a cast of characters that are more like a family you never knew you had, this story delves into the depths of human relationships and the way they form who we are. Harper and Nick have so much love to give each other, but the choices they make for their careers, or due to their childhood heartaches, force them to make tough emotional changes, while their banter is fun and amusing. Will they manage to cut through the walls that they have erected to protect their hearts? Or will their love again crash and burn, leaving only smoldering remains in its wake?

One of the best books I have read, My One and Only had me literally in tears as I flipped the pages, engrossed in this realistic yet funny love story. More like a movie than a novel, I found myself drawn into the many connections Harper had to those around her, truly joining the journey as she managed to grow as a person and accept sometimes hard truths about herself. Like real life love, neither Harper nor Nick were to blame for the fact they were not together, but to solve their rift, they had to accept the things that tore them apart. I hated that this story ended, but was so glad I had read it that I will recommend it, at length, to everyone who stands still long enough for me to tell them.

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