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ISBN 1619350726 / 13: 9781619350724
January 2012
Soul Mate Publishing
233 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Nix, a Nereid and tattoo artist extraordinaire, can’t remember very much about some of her past. As a Destroyer charged with protecting the human race from the depredations of various pantheons of the gods, goddesses, and other creatures, her father mercifully removed the worst of her memories for her welfare. Or so he said.

Calder Quinnie, a son of the god Ares, was a Protector of the Delian League who was assigned to protect Nix from an as-yet-to-named villain bent on destroying the natural order of the world. His assignment is fraught with frustration. He resents the competition with other supernaturals for Nix’s attentions and worries that he would be unable to protect Nix when she needs him most.

Calder and Nix had a past–a very romantic past—that Nix had forgotten and Calder was forbidden to reveal. Nix was aggravated that she had been assigned a Protector. But this Protector knew too much about her. Then, there were those flashes of scenes from a past that she doesn’t remember. At times, Calder seemed too familiar, perhaps more ghosts from a shadowed past.

Cracy Wyatt takes the pantheons of the ancient gods out of the pages of Edith Hamilton’s Mythology to create a modern world populated with gods and goddesses, humans and spirits, and paranormal creatures of all sorts. Mystic Ink is a riveting tale of forces at work to rule or destroy the world, which can only be rescued by the sacrifices of heroes. Ms. Wyatt weaves the romance of Calder and Nix throughout the story, a love lost and found, which can end in disaster or happily ever after. A great read.

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