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Daughters of the Sea Series:
  Book 1 - Bride of Death
  Book 2 - Mythos

Daughters of the Sea Book 2
ISBN #: 978-1-60168-290-1
May 2010
Aspen Mountain Press
104 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Amphitrite is a Nereid, one of the fifty daughters of Nereus, a sea god. She is beautiful, strong minded and very loyal to her friends and family. She is very upset about the treatment her sister Thetis is getting from the gods of Olympus.

Poseidon is the God of the Sea, one of the three most powerful Olympians. He is handsome, powerful and possessed of a fierce temperament, but is not cruel.

Amphitrite is angry at all the immortals for the treatment they are giving her sister, Thetis. A prophesy from Prometheus foretells that her son will be greater than his father, so all the gods are giving her a wide berth, including Poseidon. When he declares his desire for Amphitrite, she is insulted and turns him down. He is the victim of one of Eros’ arrows and is determined to win the beautiful nymph, but cannot find her.

This is an interesting version of the love story of the King and Queen of the Seas. I have always loved Greek and Roman mythology, the stories are so vivid and the gods so vain and flawed. This story is no exception. Amphitrite is justifiably angry at the male immortals on behalf of her sister, and I love how she ultimately got even with the true culprits. The author brings the ancient deities to life with all the drama and humor of the ancient myths and the romance of a modern love story.

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