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ISBN#: 9781607378778
October 2010
Loose Id
106 Pages
BDSM; Erotica; Ménage a Trois
Rating: 3 Cups

Haley loves her two men. Both have something different to offer her.

Gregory is willing to play with props and become the exhibitionist she needs him to be.

Jason is more of the straight dominant, staying with spankings and ropes without all the costumes that Gregory uses.

When Haley is performing with her Dom Gregory, she sees Jason and knows her world is about to fall apart around her. Both men are superior doms and neither man knows about the other. She knows they will not appreciate her being with both of them. What she really wants is to have them both take her at the same time. Can she get them to put aside their differences so they can be together, or will she have to break it off completely?

My Two Doms is a tantalizing tale about a woman who needs more than one lover to complete what she considers the perfect relationship. Haley is maybe a submissive, but she knows what she wants and will go out of her way to get her two lovers to understand her needs. Ms. Royale gives us a very nice story, one that is rich with detail and some very hot scenarios. While I did not understand the entire BDSM world that the author described, I still enjoyed reading this novel.

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