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ISBN: 1451501285
April 2010
Wild Horse Press
233 Pages
Young Adult Paranormal
Rating: 4 Cups

Andee Rivera has a typical but boring night. That is until a mysterious boy falls into the water and she has to save him.

Jonah Killebrew was minding his own business camping out on Christmas Eve and eating hot dogs when he was attacked. He knows exactly who put the hit out against him, it is just coming up with the proof that he needs help with.

After finding a recipe in her friend’s book, Andee treats the sexy teenager only to find the thankless boy gone when she wakes in the morning. Soon though she will see him again and strange and unbelievable events will unfold. As Andee and Jonah hunt down clues they find themselves becoming romantically involved even though they do not know if they can survive the night. Once Jonah changes after his attack, will Andee have to tell someone who will then destroy him or can she find some way to safely date a werewolf?

My-Wolf is a very good book. Ms. Palmer always has a way of writing paranormal books with enough twists, turns, and romance to keep the reader interested. Andee has so much faith in Jonah even as others tell her there is no hope; I liked that. The twist with the mysterious JK just makes the tale more interesting and suspenseful. You will not be disappointed in this book.

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