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Daughters of the Goddess Series
Book 1: Natural Order

Daughters of the Goddess Series, Book 1
ISBN: 978-1-61929-246-8
October 2015
Regal Crest Enterprises
Print, E-Book
$17.95 Print / $9.99 E-Book
252 Pages
Paranormal, Romance, F/F
Rating: 3 Cups

Every breath Elizabeth Crew takes is a devastating reminder that she is alive because of her partner’s sacrifice. Dusty died protecting Beth and their unborn baby, so now it is up to Beth to do everything she can to honor her lover.

Leaving behind the Clan and her role as Guardian was not easy for Isha. Keeping her son safe, though, is all the incentive she needs to stick to her decision.

The feeling of being part of such a large and loving family is completely foreign to Beth, but every day it is getting a little easier. Dusty’s family welcomes her with open arms, soothing the grief that is nearly overwhelming. The danger to Beth and her baby; however, is getting closer by the minute, and it will take an entire community to keep her safe. Isha needs to be part of this effort, even though she knows her feelings for Beth are far more serious than either woman is ready for.

Trying to fit every race, creed, color, and even animal type into one storyline is a pretty heavy undertaking. Beth’s character is in the eye of this storm, but is nearly blind to everything going on around her. As such, this makes me feel like her story is somewhat lost amidst the huge collage of characters and their shape-shifting counterparts. I am; however, looking forward to seeing how she evolves and grows as this series continues.

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