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ISBN: 9781906931704
7 March 2012
Choc Lit Publishing
Paperback / E-Book
£5.41 / £1.99
356 / 336 Pages
Contemporary Romantic Thriller
Rating: 3 Cups

A divorced mother, Katarina ‘Kaz’ Elmore lost her daughter 6 months before in a car crash on a visit to her father. Though devastated by the fact that she will never see her little girl again, she manages to distract herself.

Devlin is a security consultant who happens to be at the scene of the accident, where the young girl died in his arms. After six months, in need of part closure and part curiosity as to why he has not been contacted by the mother of the child, he visits Kaz to tell her he was with her girl while she died. Instead of closure, they both find out the girl who has died in his arms is not her daughter but someone else altogether, which gives Kaz hope her daughter may still be alive.

With police showing little interest in investigating, Kaz turns to Devlin for help. Together, they go in search of the father in hopes of finding the daughter with him, stumbling instead upon a series of deaths in the form of either murders or suicides. So they realize that what may have been a simple case of faking death in order to take the child away is in fact something more complicated. The growing mutual attraction between Devlin and Kaz turns to love, but finding out that her daughter may be dead after all, will Kaz be able to move on with Devlin or will their attraction sizzle out?

This book sent me on a roller coaster ride. My opinion started low but went up and down while reading it. Therefore, I compromised with three cups. If this reader does not know much about grieving mothers, she finds it hard to believe Kaz would feel lust instead of the urgency to find her child, while Devlin, though attracted to her, is more concerned about discovering the truth. Assuming she is not the mother makes it easier for me to enjoy the book and appreciate her guts, not to mention her reactions and her falling in love with Devlin. The pace of the book also increased when Devlin and Kaz are apart as compared to when they are together. In her debut novel, the author cuts no corners. She gives me shivers about the killer’s brutality and the fact that even close family may commit the most ghastly crimes to get what they want, no matter who gets hurt in between. So this reader will definitely keep an eye out for more of her books. The scene where Kaz confronts the person who took her child makes me cry and feel for both of them (though she is the victim), while the final chapter makes me smile.

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