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ISBN#: 9781611526189/9781499276107
May 1, 2014
196 Pages
Contemporary, Erotic Romance, Fiction, Gay
Rating: 3 Cups

Brody Phelps is not the kind of guy Gavin Dozier is usually attracted to. A studious college professor and father, Gavin hasn’t dated much since his daughter was born seven years ago. When Brody finds Gavin’s lost phone and they meet up for a hand-off, Gavin is surprised by the instant attraction. Brody, with his black clothes, bleached-and-blue hair, and artistic talent, is the exact opposite of himself. Yet somehow he compliments Gavin in a way no one ever has before.

Brody Phelps never imagined he would fall for a guy like Gavin Dozier. Much less did he imagine a guy like Gavin would fall for him. What chance was there that such a gorgeous, intelligent man - with a daughter, no less - was even gay in the first place? When a chance encounter involving a lost phone brings them together, Brody swiftly comes to know the kind, loyal, supportive man Gavin is. And with Gavin’s encouragement, Brody learns to truly value himself and his talent as an artist.

A relationship that is helped along by a vivacious seven-year-old named Evie, it is one which becomes serious in a relatively short period of time. But Marian, Evie’s mother, threatens to come between them. She wants Gavin back, and will do whatever it takes to coerce her former lover back into her bed.

This was a cute book. There’s not much in the way of conflict, but Gavin and Brody’s unwavering support of each other is heartwarming. The underlying message of the story is a good one: it’s what’s beneath the surface of a person that counts. The romance is a slower build in this book, which I liked. Lots of “butterflies-in-the-belly” and “does-he-like-me” moments lead up to the actual relationship, giving the reader plenty of time to share in Gavin and Brody’s experience of falling in love. A satisfying happily-ever-after finishes this story off. It’s a sweet, solid romance, deserving of a solid three cups.

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