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Operation Shadow Warriors

Book 1: Beyond Valor
Book 2: Danger Close
Book 3: Down Range
Book 4: Risk Taker
Book 5: Degree of Risk
Book 6: Breaking Point
Book 7: Never Surrender

Operation Shadow Warriors, Book 7
ISBN#: 9780373778829
24 June 2014
384 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Bay Thorn is almost done with her final combat rotation to Afghanistan. Finally she will be able to marry the SEAL of her dreams and settle down to a somewhat sane civilian life. It is a very strange sensation to be the one leaving her fiancé Gabe stateside with his SEAL unit while she ships off to the Middle East.

Gabe Griffin loves Bay with every fiber of his tough as nails Navy SEAL body and soul. When she leaves he pulls every string in his considerable network to provide her with the best protection possible. Still, things in a war zone are far from predictable.

Then Taliban insurgents take Bay captive. Even though Gabe uses his combat skills and grit to find her like a needle in the proverbial haystack, she is broken and battered in ways no person should suffer. It will take all of Gabe’s determination and heart to bring the light back to the woman he loves more than anything else on earth.

This stunning follow up to Breaking Point is not for the faint of heart. Ms. McKenna paints a brutal picture of the reality of atrocities that often happen in war and follows it up with the stunning love and acceptance of a great hero. However, readers sensitive to situations of assault and rape may find this title too overwhelming.

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