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ISBN # 978-1-59705-407-2
April 2009
Wings ePress, Inc.
E-book/ Paperback
$ 6.00/ $11.95
261 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Tegan is finally getting her life back on track after her divorce. She throws herself into a new career with her friend as party consultants. So her life now revolves around her new job and raising her two kids. When a new client asks for things that they normally do not deal with, Tegan does it herself never realizing what a Pandora’s box she was opening.

Alexander is a proud strong Hispanic man. His life is about business. He does not believe he is a marriage and kids kind of guy; at least he used to think that way because his first marriage was a disaster. But when he meets Tegan something inside him begins to change.

Both Tegan and Alex have issues like anyone else. Yet what starts as a fling for just mind-blowing sex slowly becomes more and leads to the question which one will run first; Tegan who is protecting her kids from embarrassment or Alex who would rather keep his bachelor life?

Fun and Flirty with lots of heat packed in. Never To Old For The Game of Love is an entertaining read. An all too true storyline; many people as they age give up on love and this story shows you can stick with it. Everyone can find love. This couple shares a great story although I did feel that Alex and Tegan were far from “being old” as they are in the same age grouping as I am. Smile.

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