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ISBN # 978-1-59705-687-8
December 2008
Wings epress Inc
E-book /Trade Paperback
$6.00 /$ 11.95
320 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Zoe is the Flamethrower and being with her soul mate, Sax, her power is greater than ever. She is a woman you would not want to have to cross. She could heal you or kill you. She is now up against a new enemy one that will push her to the limit.

Sax is still her true love and her soul mate. The power they release when together, no matter if it is in battle or in having sex, is truly magnificent. He travels with Zoe to battle the woman who has figured out a way to bring the dead back.

Together Zoe, Sax, and some loyal friends set out to stop the evil haunting them. Sax is a target and is taken hostage, leaving Zoe to act on instinct alone. Will this be the ultimate test for Zoe the Flamethrower?

I love the fact that the author gives you background on the past happenings and wraps it around the current story, although at times I felt it was not necessary to do so. This reviewer’s personal preference would be to read the books in their correct order, even though each title stands on its own. Other than that minor flaw, I felt myself able to clearly picture the scenes before my eyes. Loads of excitement, good, bad, dead, undead, fire, what more can you ask for in a great paranormal romance?

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