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Vampire Queen

Book1: The Vampire Queen's Servant
Book 2: The Mark of the Vampire Queen
Book 3: A Vampire's Claim
Book 4: Beloved Vampire
Book 5: Vampire Mistress
Book 6: Vampire Trinity
Book 7: Vampire Instinct
Book 7.5: Taking the Gloves Off: Mason and Jessica
Book 8: Bound by the Vampire Queen
Book 8.5: One-on-One: Daegan and Gideon Vignette
Book 8.6: Christmas Party with Lady Lyssa and Jacob
Book 8.7: The Bet: Daegan, Gideon and Anwyn Vignette
Book 9: Taken by a Vampire
Book 10: The Scientific Method
Book 11: Nightfall

Vampire Queen
ISBN: 9781419992872
August 15, 2014
Ellora’s Cave Publishing
250 Pages
BDSM, Paranormal, Erotic, Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Winning a saloon in a card game is not exactly the smartest thing Quinn Pedraza has ever done. In fact, it is nearly draining him dry. His hands are already full running his ranch. Some days he wishes he could let someone else take the lead.

The run from New York has landed Selene Torres in the tiny town of Nightfall, Texas. Keeping thousands of miles between her and her overlord, Laurent is key to her survival, even if she knows she cannot run forever.

When Selene steps into his bar, Quinn’s entire world shifts into overdrive. Here is the woman he has always secretly craved; powerful and gorgeous all rolled into one very tight and tiny package. As much as Selene wants to resist, the desire boiling inside her and the pull to mark Quinn is just too great. Now she must face the consequences of her impetuous vampire youth and hope Quinn does not pay the ultimate price because of her.

Seeing a man as intrinsically alpha male as Quinn give his whole self, mind, body, and soul to the woman he wants more than his next breath is really something to behold. It may start off as sexual in nature, yet there is so much more to their bond than just the physical. Selene instinctively knows how deeply Quinn’s desires run, and what he needs from her, even when he is unsure himself. I love this couple’s dynamic as well as their passion, and feel that with or without the paranormal aspect they make one very fierce duo.

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