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Make a Wish Series
Book 1: Nighttime Wishes
Book 2: Nighttime Promies

Make a Wish, Book 2
ISBN#: 9781943576418
November 2015
Omni Lit/All Romance E-books
219 Pages
Romance>LGBTQ>Gay Romance>Erotic RomanceRomance>Sci-Fi
Rating: 5 Cups

Bryan Coltrane is the sheriff of a small town who had the unfortunate responsibility of assisting the FBI in investigating a UFO crash. In fact, one of his friends ended up leaving with one of the aliens, but he has to keep that information to himself.

Daroshi comes from a planet where warriors are the most respected. His species is capable of having mates from other species. He is very attracted to Bryan, and decides he wants the sexy, brawny human for his mate.

When Bryan is abducted by Daroshi and his people, he is less than enthused about the idea of leaving his planet. Even though he is attracted to Daroshi, he does not like having his civil rights trampled, or being considered weaker, and unable to protect himself. In addition, he has no problem letting Daroshi know it. Despite essentially having no rights, and no say in his future, he has no intention of just showing his belly and giving in. When a female alien attacks him, and he is able to subdue her, it begins to become clear to not only Daroshi, but others on the ship that Bryan is stronger than was initially believed. When Bryan gets a look at Darohi’s planet, well disappointment does not even begin to cover it. The entire planet is nothing but splashes of different shades of brown and gray. Bryan finds it very depressing and does not honestly know if he can live there long term. However, it may not be the female alien or Daroshi’s colorless planet they need to worry about. Will Bryan survive long enough to convince Daroshi, he can be his equal? Or will the jealousy of someone else destroy the love they are discovering together?

This was a fantastic story, I just LOVED it! The story is so original, and the world building so detailed that you cannot help but feel like you are right there with the characters. Her descriptions of Daroshi’s planet made me feel just as depressed as poor Bryan was when he got a good look at it both from space and on the ground. I also loved how the author showed Bryan educating Daroshi on civil rights, that about cracked me up in places because clearly Daroshi’s people had no similar concept and boy talk about culture clash! The love scenes are sizzling hot, but also had wonderful emotional elements added in that just made this book stellar. If you love science fiction, and m/m romance, then you definitely need to read this book. In fact, I’m off to get the first one in this series!

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