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ISBN#: 978-1-907108-04-4/978-1-907108-10-5
July 2009
Mythica Publishing
6 Craigie Place, Galston, Ayrshire, KA4 8AX.
88 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Awaken Spirit

Barbara Delarose is expecting a second child. She is excited to be moving into an old Victorian home, never realizing what lay ahead for her family.

Jim agrees with his wife Barbara about the new home. After he begins hearing strange sounds, he has no clue what it all means.

Jim and Barbara believe the old Victorian home is going to be a great place to raise their family. Unfortunately, when the papers were signed, they were not told of some of the secrets that lie inside. Their daughter, Katie, who is now six, loves her new room. Better yet, she is excited to have a new friend in Laura, who is five. Barbara thinks it is nice that Katie has an imaginary friend until she begins hearing the sounds of a small child, along with some other strange occurrences. Barbara gets eerie feelings. She wonders if she and her family are safe or if it is only paranoia taking over her mind. With the passing days, and more strange things popping up, will Barbara be safe in the home?

Awaken Spirit is a spine-tingling read. There are some eerie connections that had this reader experiencing occasional goosebumps here and there.

Passage Way to Hell

Alexandria lost her parents in a terrible accident only to land in a foster home where the mother often locked her in the cellar, up until she turned nine.

Sir Vincent Hellion knows Alexandria is just the person he needs. She is the chosen one, if only he can convince her the real purpose in her life.

Tired of the torment she endures, Alexandria takes matters into her own hands to dispose of the nasty foster parents who have taken her into their fold. Then she is given to other foster parents who are much nicer. When she is taken on a family trip, there is a mix up in the train schedule that lands her in a dreary place called Hellion where she is told a different story about her parents leaving her. With strange sacrifices going on, in a dreary place, Alexandria needs to find an escape. Now years later, she leaves her son a letter where he must heed the message. Concerned, the son is determined to find answers as he departs for Hellion.

Passage Way to Hell leaves the reader on the edge, wondering about Alexandria and her predicament. After she left a letter to her son, the stirring events really grab the reader enlisting a great deal of thought.

Spirits of a Jester

Tara likes to collect dolls, one of which is a jester. A story had been passed down about the doll but Tara has no idea if it was legit.

Ellen sees the doll at the yard sale and knows she must get it for her daughter, Cassie.

The day Mandy takes the jester into her hands and winds the key backwards, the jester begins to move in violent jerks. Even the sound is eerie, thus he is retired to the annual yard sale. When a frightening dream of a story about a possessed doll enters Tara’s dreams, she does not know if something will truly happen to Ellen and Cassie, or just a dream that will soon fade away.

Spirits of Jester has a supernatural feeling that surrounds it. There are some creepy moments that leave the reader in awe, wondering if the jester was about to jump through the pages.

Deadly Addictions

Marianna loves her husband, Dave, and believes in being faithful to him. She expects the same from him.

Janice knows about Marianna, from what she has learned from Dave. The skinny, long-legged female does not mind stressing to those overweight ideas about diet secrets.

Marianna is not happy after meeting Janice at a gathering, even more so with Janice and Dave giving each other the eye. She is certain Dave is cheating on her, and it would not be the first time. Of course he denies it. Marianna decides to take her fathers advice about cheating husbands but is it enough to give both cheating parties what they deserve?

Oh, I absolutely loved, Deadly Addictions. Marianna has the right idea. Janice is a woman that would irk me completely. This is a great story for all those who have been in the same shoes.

One Scandalous Night in Vegas

Nick always likes to use protection when he is with a woman. He wants to make sure the woman never winds up pregnant, but there is always that one percent chance.

Candy has worked as a showgirl in Vegas for two years. When she meets Nick, she is certain he has possibilities.

Nick likes to have a good time, and always tries to make sure he never makes any mistakes when he is with a lovely lady. After Candy arrives stating she is pregnant and he the father, Nick is determined to have a paternity test. Candy tells her doctor who sets up everything for Nick. After it is proven Nick is the proud daddy, Candy demands a million dollars in cash. Nick agrees hoping to never see her again. Will Candy agree to the offer she made or is there more to the story?

Oh, this story is right to the point. It is tightly written and amazed this reader. I found One Scandalous Night in Vegas engaging.

Barbara Watkins has penned some fantastic short stories in Nightmares and Daydreams. The moment I finished with one and started another, it got better and better. Each story held me captive until the last page. The stories are told to the point and very precise. I really cannot say which of them I love the most. I do know Deadly Addictions and One Scandalous Night in Vegas were grabbers. They all were engaging but those two seem to really hit the spot. The extra poems she creates between the stories tug, and grab, while allowing one to feel the worth that each one carries. I highly recommend reading these terrific tales.

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