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ISBN#: 9780061852053/9780061987946
March 2010
Avon Books, an imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers
Paperback/ eBook
$7.99 USA/$10.99 CAN/$6.99
432 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Lady Calpurnia “Callie” Hartwell is considered a spinster. Once she thought to be married for love, but the fortune hunters soon dispelled her of such notions.

Gabriel St. John, the Marquess of Ralston is a rake, a renowned lover who uses his charming characteristics to get him into women’s boudoirs. His escapades are legendary, and to be seen in close proximity to him is to bring speculation and scandal about.

Callie is tired of always being the proper spinster and so she makes a list of nine items she wants to do. Obtaining the help of Gabriel seems like a brilliant idea, until she begins to fall in love with the rake. With her plain looks, everyone keeps reminding her that she is not the type of woman who interests the Marquis. Just when she starts to hope for more, Callie finds out Gabriel’s real reason for seducing her and it crushes her, leaving Gabriel to realize just how much he has come to love the woman who is anything but plain, but it may be too late to rectify his mistakes.

Nine Rules to Break When Romancing a Rake is a story that touches your soul. Callie is a woman who is both strong of mind, yet whose disposition has been beaten time and again with people’s thoughtless words and comments. Gabriel has not had an easy life, yet his charismatic attitude keeps people from guessing just how lonesome he is. Parts of the story are so heartrending I found myself wiping away tears as I listened to Callie berate herself for thinking someone like Gabe could love her. Sarah MacLean has written a novel that will have you falling in love with this tale, along with becoming a fan of this outstanding author.

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