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Enforcer’s Series Book 1
ISBN#: 9781771115285
April 2013
Extasy Books
138 Pages
Adult, Erotica, Fantasy, Steampunk
Rating: 4 Cups

Lord Kenneth Vicenti is a noble and very powerful mage. Though his father wants him to be a war mage, Kenneth wants no part of using his magic for war. Instead he wants to study alchemy. He is in fact desperate to prove to his father and teachers that alchemy is where his future lies.

Thorn is a talentless, a person born without the ability to use magic. Thorn has no reason to like or trust the magi who subdued his people in a war for power when he was a child. However, he does not seem to hold it against Kenneth that he was born to the more powerful mages.

When Kenneth needs steel alloy to complete an alchemy spell, he must go into the talentless areas of the city to find it. Unfortunately, he runs afoul of a talentless only too willing to cheat him by giving him something that appears to be steel alloy but is not. Lucky for him he meets Thorn who though talentless does not appear to hold his power and position against him. Thorn helps him to find real steel alloy so he can complete his spell project. The two strike up, a what on Kenneth’s side at least, is an uneasy friendship. As they slowly get to know each other, Kenneth finds himself very attracted to the talentless but extremely intelligent Thorn. Unfortunately, in their world a mage and a talentless can never truly be together as a couple, or can they? They may never discover the truth if Kenneth cannot find a way to undo the damage he does when he gets a true look at one of Thorn’s hands for the first time, and learns the ugly truth of the war that occurred when they were children.

I am new to the Steampunk genre but I have to say with this being my second foray into the genre, I am hooked! Noble Magic encompasses the very best of Steampunk, and has all the elements that I love in a good love story, tortured heroes, difference in classes, magic, steam devices, all mixed up in an alternate Victorian world. Of course the fact that it was an M/M love story, one of my very favorite genres, just put it over the top in my opinion for a fantastic story! If you also love these elements in your books then I highly recommend Noble Magic. I will certainly be getting the rest of the books in this series and am really looking forward to seeing how the author continues to build and create this alternate world.

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