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Book 1: A Share In Death
Book 2: All Shall Be Well
Book 3: Leave The Grave Green
Book 4: Mourn Not Your Dead
Book 5: Dreaming Of The Bones
Book 6: Kissed A Sad Goodbye
Book 7: A Finer End
Book 8: And Justice There Is None
Book 9: Now May You Weep
Book 10: In A Dark House
Book 11: Water Like A Stone
Book 12: Where Memories Lie
Book 13: Necessary As Blood
Book 14: No Mark Upon Her

A Kincaid James Novel, Book 14
ISBN: 9780061990618
7 February 2012
William Morrow
369 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

With one week left to go of Gemma’s leave, Duncan Kincaid is looking forward to his own with a mix of trepidation and excitement. He loves spending time with the boys, and a little one on one time with their newest addition Charlotte will be a joy.

Taking Charlotte into their home after the loss of her parents has been no hardship for Gemma James. The little girl is so easy to love it is going to be very hard for Gemma to leave her. Still she also loves her job and misses the challenge.

Investigating the murder of a fellow law official is not how Duncan envisioned his last week before his leave, but he has been called in personally to head the team. Rebecca Meredith has also been a champion rower, known in the most elite circles, though with few friends beyond it or so it seems. While Duncan tries to find out why anyone would want to kill Rebecca, Gemma is stuck on the sidelines. She is helping Duncan as much as she can and what she uncovers could blow up in their faces. The way his investigation is going Duncan is skating on very thin ice with his boss with, but nothing will stop him from uncovering the truth.

The domestic side of Duncan and Gemma is as much a part of their story as their investigative prowess. This novel delves into the heart of multiple characters, which I feel gives a completeness and depth to the entire story. The K-9 unit and their handlers are especially interesting, and I would love to see more of Kieran and Tavie. Ms. Crombie draws readers in with her intriguing characters and keeps them coming back with such clever plots they are kept guessing every step of the way.

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