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The Coming Home Series Book 1
ISBN#: 9781619232754
March 1, 2016
Samhain Publishing
122 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Bianca “Charlie” Charleston has come a long way since her days in high school. Once the geeky, awkward, proverbial outcast, she is now the smoking hot babe that draws attention wherever she goes. Charlie, though, does not see this in herself. Inside, she has not changed one bit.

When her best friend Kia persuades her to come home and attend her high school reunion carnival, Charlie is reluctant, but agrees. On return, she immediately runs into Cole Johnson. Once the undisputed hunk of the high school’s jock population, Cole is now an agent with the FBI.

The moment Cole lays eyes on Charlie, he is head-over-heels for her - even though he cannot remember her from their high school days together. Nevertheless, they hit it off instantly, and it is a connection that stays strong while Charlie is in town. It is only made stronger by the introduction of Cole’s four-year-old adopted daughter, Addyson. At the end of it all, Charlie will have to go home and leave Cole behind. When both she and Cole realize they are in love with one another, though, they both know that coming home is the only real way their story can end.

I had a hard time finding the story in this one, to be honest. No Place Like Home felt like the resolution after all the conflict has happened. I liked the characters well enough, but I wonder if that was because I was not given enough to not like them. The storyline of Charlie being the outcast and Cole being the jock in high school had potential, and is what interested me at first. But not much was done with that, either. It was a happy ending, at least. I was disappointed, though, that there was not really anything to the story that takes us on a journey where a happy ending is something to celebrate.

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