Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN#: 978-0-352-34519-6
November 2009
Black Lace
222 Pages
Erotic Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

The emotional load is becoming unbearable for best friends Katherine Edwards and Leah Griffin. For Katherine it is having to deal with the ex-wife, and for Leah it is a question of, is she ready for the next step?

On the other side of this coin we have Charles Dixon “Dix” and Brandon Long. Two men fiercely in love with their girlfriends, but coming up against a wall neither seem sure how to overcome.

When the going gets tough, the tough go to Vegas? Well, it is not exactly how the saying goes, but it works quite well for Kate and Leah. Kate has had it up to her eyeballs with Dix’s ex, and Leah cannot decide if she can handle a relationship with a younger man, especially one that borders on the kink she is so afraid of indulging. The guys, however, just want their women, forever, and if it takes a little tracking and chasing that is exactly what they will do.

These two amazing couples are back, and if you thought Taking Care of Business was hot, be prepared to get blown away once again. Kate and Leah take no prisoners when it comes to their work or their love lives, and Dix and Brandon are only too happy to oblige. Strong beautiful women and the unquestionably sexy men who love them make this one of the best sequels to hit the shelves. The passion just keeps ratcheting higher, and when you cannot imagine it getting any better, all you have to do is turn the page!

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